Seating & Positioning

Appropriate seating and positioning can enable you to be more comfortable in your wheelchair for longer periods of time while accomplishing more activities such as getting ready in the morning and doing household chores.

Adaptive Engineering Lab

AirLogic Chest Support

AirLogic Chest Support

The AirLogic line now includes a chest support that features patented technology to accelerate air movement under and through the pad for a comfortable, dry fit. Features limited two-way stretch, heavy-duty buckles and stitching. In XX small to XX large sizes.

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ROHO, Inc.

AGILITY Max Contour

AGILITY Back System

Now wheelchair users can enjoy ROHO’s postural support in a backrest. The Agility system puts ROHO’s famous Air Floatation technology along the spinal column to increase overall comfort and better conform to the user’s body. The backrest shell is “flippable” to accommodate more body types. The Agility line is available in minimum, mid and max contour designs depending on the level of support needed. And a custom backrest option allows air cells to be placed exactly where they’re needed on any of the Agility backrest shells.

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Quantum Rehab

Synergy Shape Deep Contour

Synergy Shape Deep Contour

With high-density base foam, a soft Viscoelastic top layer and a four-way stretch cover, the Synergy Shape Deep Contour back is designed for optimal pressure distribution. Fully adjustable gel-covered thoracic supports provide exceptional positioning, stability and comfort. Streamlined hardware allows quick-release or fixed mounting applications, plus height, depth and angle adjustability.

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