Even for wheelchair users, standing offers tremendous health benefits, including improved respiration, posture and digestion.

Handicare U.S.



Designed to support early mobilization, particularly for cardiothoracic and abdominal surgery patients, the RoWalker400 offers safe and secure support during walking and standing training. The RoWalker400 also accommodates oxygen, drain bags and IV poles, and has a user weight capacity of 400 lbs.

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Rifton Equipment

Supine Standers

Prone Standers

Supine Standers allow users to stand at eye level with their peers, encouraging social interaction with arms free for activities, while therappeutically aiding functional alignment and weight-bearing.

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Altimate Medical Inc.

EasyStand Evolv

EasyStand Evolv

Modular design makes the EasyStand Evolv a versatile standing frame. The base unit is functional for many users, however when more support is needed a wide variety of positioning options can be added to accommodate the most involved users.

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