Aquila Corp.

APK2 Custom Cushion

APK2 Custom Cushion

The Airpulse PK2 is a patented, fully automatic alternating pressure relief cushion designed to help treat and prevent pressure injuries (pressure ulcers) by performing automatic pressure relief. The cushion interrupts constant pressure up to 60 times per hour with a gentle massaging action. Aquila Corp. can custom build the APK2 to offload an area of the cushion full time (for example, if needed for a pressure injury), while the cushion stimulates circulation throughout the rest of the posterior.

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CG Air

CG Air

  • Because this cushion’s medical-grade PVC air cells retain their shape instead of overinflating, CG Air users experience greater stability, for a feel that’s similar to sitting on gel, but with the benefits of air therapy.
  • The CG Air allows for true immersion, as it actively creates an ischial well to help stabilize the user’s pelvis and prevents unwanted pelvic rotations.
  • Dual valves allow for side-to-side and front-to-back positioning options.
  • And because medical-grade PVC is non-porous, the CG Air is easy to clean and does not retain odors. The cushion can be placed into a washing machine or autoclave for cleaning.
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Stealth Products

Glacial SP

Glacial SP Cushion

  • The Glacial SP cushion offers skin protection in a lightweight package.
  • With a weight capacity up to 400 lbs. depending on size, the high-density molded Glacial SP is offered in 16-24" widths and 16-20" depths.
  • A four-way stretch Coolcore technology cover is standard, with mesh or Stealth Tek covers as options.
  • Additional options include a Fluid-Proof Urethane or Fluid-Proof Polyurethane liner, and a solid base.
  • Stealth Products’ cushion line includes general use, positioning, skin protection, and skin protection & positioning choices.
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Sunrise Medical (US) LLC

JAY Fluid with Cryo Technology

JAY Fusion with CryoFluid

  • CryoFluid technology provides one of the highest degrees of skin protection by addressing the four primary risks for pressure injuries: pressure, shear, temperature and moisture.
  • Actively cools the seated skin surface to a therapeutic temperature range and reduces perspiration with extended sitting times.
  • The JAY Fluid with Cryo Technology actively cools for up to eight hours and “resets” during off-loading.
  • The CryoFluid insert is divided into five chambers to minimize fluid migration for optimal immersion and weight distribution.
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Motion Concepts

Matrx PSP

Matrx PSP

  • The Invacare Matrx PSP (Posture Seat Polymer) cushion combines the stability and support of a PS foam base with a polymer overlay for extra protection and shear reduction.
  • This ultralightweight cushion provides zero-maintenance, worry-free skin protection and positioning.
  • It includes a molded-in polymer layer for shear reduction and skin protection, plus unique, waffled ischial relief.
  • Other features include anatomically contoured HR foam with Ultra-Fresh anti-microbial and odor protection; rear cushion radius and waterfall front edge; reversible Startex outer Cover; and a zippered Startex inner cover.
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Protekt Gel Bariatric

Protekt Gel Bariatric

  • To help to prevent and treat pressure injuries to people who use bariatric wheelchairs, the Protekt Gel cushion (HCPCS coded E2604) uses high-density, high-resilience foam in combination with a gel bladder.
  • This design allows for immersion as well as excellent pressure redistribution. The dual-compartment gel bladder design eliminates gel migration.
  • The stretch nylon cover is comfortable, breathable, and fluid resistant, and safety buckles keep the cushion in place.
  • Available in a range of sizes, with widths up to 28" and depths up to 20".

Ride Designs

Custom AccuSoft

Ride Custom AccuSoft

  • Ideal for users looking for an accurately fit custom seating solution with a softer, more forgiving sitting surface, the Custom AccuSoft Cushion is made specifically to match each individual’s unique shape.
  • Two foam choices, soft and extra soft, are available.
  • Ride CAM Wedges can adjust cushion contours to accommodate weight change, tissue atrophy, and postural changes.
  • The cushion has an inner incontinence-proof cover; an outer breathable spacer mesh fabric cover promotes airflow to help keep the sitter dry and comfortable.
  • The Ride Custom AccuSoft is approved for code E2609 and can be built to virtually any size.
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Aquila Corp.

SofTech Cushion

SofTech Seating

  • SofTech is a custom-fabricated, alternating cushion system specifically built to help treat existing pressure injuries and prevent new injuries.
  • SofTech automatically changes pressure distribution 60 times per hour. This automatic action provides pressure relief, which is essential for the prevention of pressure sores.
  • Each cushion is custom made per the specific needs of the client and can offload directly under an existing pressure injury.
  • For client convenience, all system components are integrated into the cushion seat, so there is no separate control box to mount.
  • Also features a wireless remote control.
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